Department Administrative Orders

Standardization of Medical Grade Oxygen in Cylinders covered by PNS 103:1987, Medical grade oxygen in cylinders - Specification
Measures to Facilitate the Issuance of the Import Commodity Clearance
Mandatory Philippine National Standard for PNS 255:1996, Safety of household and similar electrical appliances Part 2: Particular requirements for appliances for heating liquids
Mandatory Implementation of various Philippine National Standards for electrical products
The New Technical Regulations concerning the Mandatory Product Certification of Flat Glass, Heat-Strengthened and Fully Tempered Flat Glass, Laminated Glass and Laminated Safety Glass in Building and Bent Glass.
Amending DAO 3S. 2002 and DAO 3, S.2003 transferring the implementation of the DTI Accreditation/Recognition Program of Motor Vehicle Private Emission Testing Centers (PETCs) from the Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS) to the Fair Trade Enforcement Bureau (FTEB) and the management thereof to the Consumer Protection Advocacy Bureau (CPAB)
New Guidelines for Mandatory Certification of Portland Cement and Blended Hydraulic Cement with Pozzolan Covered by PNS 07:2005 and PNS 63:2006 Respectively
Amendments to DAO 15-01:2015 and DAO 17-02:2017