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Manual or remote-controlled household a.c. and a.c./d.c. electric fans, bladeless or with plastic or metal blades or, rated up to 300 W power and voltage not more than 250 V a.c., 60Hz.

The following types of electric fans are covered: ceiling, orbit, table, desk, box, tower, pedestal, stand, floor, partition, exhaust, duct, clip, mist, electric fans are also covered.

Centrifugal fans, battery operated electric fans, and d.c. type mini USB fan or handheld electric fans are not covered.

PNS IEC 60335-2-80:2016
(IEC published 2015)
Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2 - 80: Particular requirements for fans
Mandatory Philippine National Standards (PNS) for Household and Similar Appliances
Extending the period of transition provided Under DAO 18-03:2018
Supplemental Guidelines for the Implementation of DAO 18-03 Series of 2018
Extension of the Transitory Provision for Market Monitoring and Extension of the Transitory Provision for Market Monitoring and Enforcement of Products under the DAO No. 18-03 Series of 2018
Supplemental Guidelines on the Certification of Household Appliances Manufactured or Imported Prior to the Effectivity of Department Administrative Order 18-03 Series of 2018
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