Standards Regulations/Policies

The Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS) continuously ensures that consumer protection is upheld, and continual improvement of the industry is reinforced. Alongside two (2) other bureaus under the Fair Trade Group (FTG) of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the BPS empowers consumers and enables businesses in its capacity as the National Standards Body (NSB) of the Philippines through the development of Philippine National Standards (PNS) and issuance of corresponding Technical Regulations for consumer products and services, promotion of standardization activities in the country, and ensuring the manufacture, production, and distribution of quality products. The BPS advocates transparency in the development of standards, technical regulations, and conformity assessment procedures through public consultations and commenting, establishment of enquiry points to facilitate the exchange of information, and publication.

Crucial to the fulfillment of mandate of BPS is the availability of relevant Philippine National Standards (PNS) that are responsive to the needs of consumers and technological developments. Through its Standards Development Division (SDD), the BPS aspires to coordinate standardization activities in the country. Various Technical Committees (TCs) were established to develop PNS under respective scope of work. The BPS employs a stakeholder engagement approach and consensus-based decision-making in the development of PNS and the adoption of international standards.

PNS provides the technical specifications or guidance to technical regulations and policies. To promote further the use of PNS as basis of technical regulations of various government agencies and procurement activities, the BPS issues a list(non-exhaustive) of mandatory PNS used by different government agencies as follows: DTI-BPS, Department of Energy (DOE), Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards – Department of Agriculture (BAFS-DA), Food and Drug Administration – Department of Health (FDA-DOH), and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). This list also includes the corresponding Department Administrative Orders (DAOs) or Memorandum Circulars (MCs) that declares the mandatory compliance of a PNS.

Relevant activities will be undertaken to enhance the list to cover other regulatory agencies in the government.