How to Propose New Work Item

A New Work Item Proposal (NWIP) is a proposal for:
(a) a new draft standard;
(b) a new part of an existing standard;
(c) revision of an existing standard or part; or
(d) amendment to an existing standard or part.
Any stakeholder may submit to the BPS their proposal/s provided that it is within the scope of an existing technical committee or subcommittee. Proposals must be submitted to the BPS using the New Work Item Proposal (NWIP) Form.
The proposer shall make every effort to provide an initial working draft for discussion, or shall at least provide an outline of such a working draft. Copies of the completed form shall be circulated to the members of the technical committee or subcommittee
The decision to accept the NWIP shall be made by BPS Director upon the recommendation of the Chief of the Standards Development Division (SDD). Once the NWIP is accepted, it shall be registered in the program of work of the relevant technical committee or subcommittee as a new project with the appropriate priority. The agreed target dates shall be indicated on the appropriate form.