Specific Product Coverage Philippine National Standard/s (PNS) Enabling Law  Product Image
Ballasts for tubular fluorescent lamps specifically with ratings from 18W to 40W for T12, T10, T9, and T8 halophosphate fluorescent lamps with G13 cap, 50/60Hz PNS IEC 61347-2-8:2002
(IEC published 2000)
Lamp controlgear - Part 2-8 : Particular requirements for ballasts for fluorescent lamps

Department Administrative Order (DAO) No. 22-01, Series of 2022

The New Technical Regulation Concerning The Mandatory Product Certification of Energy Consuming Products
Supplemental Guidelines for the Implementation of DAO 22-01, Series of 2022
Implementing Guidelines for the Mandatory Certification of Lamp Control Gear – Ballast for Tubular Fluorescent Lamps Covered by PNS IEC 61347-1:2002 “Lamp Control Gear-Part 1: General and safety requirements” and PNS IEC 61347-2-8:2002 “Lamp Control Gear-Part 2: Particular requirements for ballast for tubular fluorescent lamps”


Pre heat Magnetic
Ballast for fluorescent lamps for general lighting sources sold separately or as part of the luminaire having a rated voltage of 50 to 250V a.c. operating at 50/60 Hz
(IEC published 2006)
Ballast for tubular fluorescent lamps – Performance requirements