Memorandum Circulars

Clarificatory Policy on the Use and Monitoring of the Product Certification Marks Prescribed by the DAO 04:2008 and DAO 05:2008 and the Respective Implementing Guidelines
BPS Recognized PAB-Accredited Calibration Laboratories for PETCs
List of BPS Qualified Auditors and/or Inspectors
BPS Memorandum Circular No. 32 Series of 2004, Amendment to BPS Memorandum Circular No. 22 Series of 2003 on the Procedure for Compliance of PETCs to Sub-clause 7.8 of DTI DAO 03:2002 on PNS ISO/IEC 17025:2000
BPS Memorandum Circular No. 23 Series of 2009, Implementing Guidelines for the Mandatory Certification of Lamp Control Gear - Ballast for Tubular Fluorescent Lamps covered by PNS IEC 61347-1:2002 "Lamp Control Gear-Part 1: General and safety requirements" and PNS IEC 61347-2-8:2002 "Lamp Control Gear-Part 2: Particular requirements for ballast for tubular fluorescent lamps"
BPS Memo Circular No. 22 Series of 2003, Clarification on Compliance to Sub-clause 7.8 of DTI DAO3 Series 2002 on PNS ISO/IEC 17025