Executive Orders

 Declaring the Period from October 8 to 14 of every year as Standards Week
Executive Order No. 133, s. 1987 Reorganizing the Department of Trade and Industry, its Attached Agencies, and for Other Purposes
Executive Order (EO) No. 298, Amending Further EO No. 248 dated May 29, 1995 as Amended by EO 248-A dated August 14, 1995, which Prescribes Rules and Regulations and New Rates of Allowances for Official Local and Foreign Travels of Government Personnel
Executive Order (EO) No. 459, Streamlining the Procedure in the Disposition of Requests of Government Officials & Employees for Authority to Travel Abroad
Executive Order No. 242, s. 1987 Amending Executive Order No. 133, Series of 1987 Entitled “Reorganizing the Department of Trade and Industry its Attached Agencies, and for Other Purposes”
Executive Order (EO) No. 101, Authorizing the Bureau of Standards to Promulgate Rules and Regulations on the Marking of Goods Standardized by the Bureau
Executive Order (EO) No. 913, Strengthening the Rule-Making & Adjudicatory Powers of the Minister of Trade & Industry in Order to Further Protect Consumers