Memorandum Circulars

Submission of Portable Fire Extinguisher Samples to Testing Laboratories
Supplemental Guidelines for the Implementation of DAO 18-08 Series of 2018
Guidelines for the Implementation of DAO 19-05 Series of 2019
Implementing Guidelines fot the Mandatory Certification of Christmas Lights/Lighting Sets covered by the PNS 189:2000
BPS - Recognized PAB - Accredited Calibration Laboratories for PETCs
Extending the period of transition provided Under DAO 18-03:2018
Terms of Reference for/of Department Administrative Order No. 16-02 Series of 2016 entitled: "The Creation of International Electrotechnical Commission National Committee of the Philippines (IEC-NCP)"
Policies on Christmas Lights/Lighting Chains Certification
Revised Implementation of the provision of Clause 5.4 of DOTC-DTI Joint Administrative Order No.1:2011 and for helmets acquired by the Motorcycle Riders Prior to the effectivity of RA 10054