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Italian clinicians have been using robots to check on COVID-19 patients in the worst affected region of Italy. The robots are equipped with a camera, which allows medical staff to keep an eye on their patients and medical monitors.

The robots have friendly faces with large eyes designed to put patients at ease. Not only do they keep doctors and nurses safe, but also they cut down on the use of scarce facemasks and protective gowns.

It even enables those patients who are well enough to communicate with medical staff. The robot, which has more than 60 sensors gives, has the capacity for voice interaction, facial recognition, voice localization, video chat, obstacle avoidance and auto charging.

IEC produces international standards and develops conformity assessment programmes for many of the technologies that these robots incorporate, such as sensors, batteries, and semiconductors. IEC TC 47 includes sensors in a number of its publications, including international standards for components used in a variety of sensors.

IEC TC 21 prepares International Standards for all secondary cells and batteries, including safety installation principles, performance, battery system aspects, dimensions and labelling.
The Joint Technical Committee of IEC and ISO on information technology (ISO/IEC JTC 1) and several of its subcommittees (SCs) prepare international standards which contribute towards artificial intelligence.

ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42 proves standardization in the area of AI, as well as guidance to other IEC and ISO committees developing AI applications. In addition, IEC technical committees develop Standards for hardware components, such as touchscreens (IEC TC 110) and audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment (IEC TC 100).

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