来自菲律宾各政府机构的 WTO-TBT 研讨会 2022 与会者

菲律宾马卡蒂——为了提高菲律宾相关利益相关者对世界贸易组织-技术性贸易壁垒 (WTO-TBT) 协议的认识,并改进政府各机构、贸易和工业部的执行情况菲律宾标准局 (DTI-BPS) 与国际贸易关系局 (BITR) 合作,于 2022 年 9 月 13 日至 15 日在马卡蒂钻石公寓举办了为期三天的混合设置 WTOBT 国家研讨会。

WTO秘书处、国际标准化组织(ISO)、国际电工委员会(IEC)、国际电信联盟(ITU)、食品法典委员会(CAC)、食品和农业部等多个国际组织和地方政府机构参加了研讨会联合国组织 (FAO)、菲律宾常驻世界贸易组织代表团 (PMWTO)、反繁文缛节管理局 (ARTA)、食品和药物管理局 (FDA) 及其中心、国家食品管理局 (NFA)、渔业和水产资源局 (BFAR)、农业和渔业标准局 (BAFS)、菲律宾椰子管理局 (PCA)、光学媒体委员会 (OMB)、DTI-战略贸易管理办公室 (DTI-STMO)、DTI-出口营销局 (EMB),DTI-消费者政策和宣传局 (CPAB)、DTI-公平贸易执法局 (DTI-FTEB)、BITR 和 BPS。
viber_image_2022-09-28_16-12-53-114.jpgDTI-CPG Undersecretary Ruth Castelo in her opening remarks
“This is an opportunity for us to leverage from the Agreement to pursue our legitimate public policies of protecting the consuming public. It promotes the continued alignment of our Philippine National Standards with international standards which enables easier market access of our products to other markets. Its implementation also helps the institutionalization of good regulatory practices amongst implementing agencies particularly in regulations relating to standards and conformity assessment procedures”, said DTI-Consumer Protection Group (DTI-CPG) Undersecretary Atty. Ruth Castelo. Aside from Usec. Castelo, DTI-BITR Director Angelo Salvador Benedictos, FDA Director General Dr. Samuel Zacate, and WTO-Trade and Environment Division Economic Affairs Officer Mr. Devin McDaniels delivered their opening messages that underscored the important role of the TBT Agreement in enhancing transparency and predictability of non-tariff measures and how the use of international standards facilitates trade.
(L to R) BPS Asst. Director Ferdinand Manfoste, BPS Director Neil Catajay, IEC Regional Director Dennis Chew, FDA Director General Dr. Samuel Zacate, WTO-Trade and Environment Division Economic Affairs Officer Mr. Devin McDaniels DTI-CPG Usec. Ruth Castelo, BITR Director Angelo Salvador Benedictos, BITR Asst. Director Marie Sherylyn Aquia, and FTEB Director Marimel Porciuncula.
The three-day workshop, led by different speakers from the WTO Secretariat, IEC, ITU, ISO, CAC, FAO, PMWTO, ARTA, FDA, STMO, and BPS, essentially focused on current trade issues, role of international standards in TBT Agreement, good regulatory practices, procedures of drafting and adopting technical regulations, national coordination for effective implementation of the TBT Agreement, TBT notification procedures, recent works of the WTO-TBT Committee, and National Quality Infrastructure and conformity assessment procedures. Mr. McDaniels facilitated the workshop and question-and-answer sessions which reinforced the participants’ knowledge of the obligations under the Agreement.
Workshop and Q&A sessions
DTI-CPG Asst. Secretary Ann Claire Cabochan in her closing remarks

"We are gatekeepers. We would like to ensure the safety and the health of our people, and even plant and animal life in the Philippines, and also our environment. But we would also like to have access to quality goods, to cheaper goods, and we would like our businesses and our service providers to be able to have access to other markets as well," underscored DTI-CPG Asst. Secretary Atty. Ann Claire Cabochan in her closing remarks. She added, "we cannot afford not to look out to the rest of the world, because we cannot supply everything for our own people."

The TBT Agreement aims to ensure that standards, technical regulations, and conformity assessment procedures are non-discriminatory and do not create unnecessary obstacles to trade. The WTO features transparency as a fundamental principle of the multilateral trading system and under the Agreement, Members are required to notify technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures to provide opportunity to other Members to submit their comments and seek clarifications on pending technical regulations.

This year’s WTO-TBT National Workshop was the third one conducted following the first two workshops held last 04-06 September 2017 and 27-29 November 2018 in Taguig and Cebu City, respectively.

The DTI-BPS serves as the Philippines’ National Enquiry Point (NEP) and National Notification Authority (NNA) under the TBT Agreement. As the NEP, the DTI-BPS is responsible for the dissemination of WTO-TBT notifications on draft technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures among various stakeholders in the country and facilitates submission of comments from various stakeholders. The Bureau publishes the WTO-TBT notifications weekly through the WTO-TBT Notifications Bulletin. As NNA, the BPS acts as the sole notifier to the WTO of the draft technical regulations and/or conformity assessment procedures by the governmental bodies in the Philippines.

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